David is SIFCo's Vice President and a Winlaw Watershed Committee (WWC) representative.

He has lived in the valley for 12 years with his wife where together they run a vacation rental.

David was involved in logging Pine Beetle Kill trees for 4 years in the Kettle Valley, and harvests firewood.

He finds SIFCo's work to be very progressive & interesting.

David spent many years Running the Main RIver Wilderness Camp in the Christian Valley.   This was a Horse programme helping children, who had suffered from severe head injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, rebuild their confidence. 


At first David would have the children spend some time in a secure enclosure with the horses and before long he had them out crossing rivers and climbing mountains.  Most of these children had grown up in hospital so this was a huge experience for them.

In his spare time David loves to play the guitar.