SIFCo, a small leading-edge forestry coop, is gaining widespread recognition as a forerunner and leader in Climate Change adaptation, Wildfire Mitigation strategy, Landscape Level management and Integral Forestry.

We currently have a great opportunity for someone to join our team:

We are seeking an exceptional Communications, Branding & Marketing Assistant with healthy communication and interpersonal skills, a technical & media background, and a passion for supporting sustainable forestry.

Roles and Responsibilities

Please read the description below to determine if this role is a fit for you.

  • Improve and maintain the SIFCo Website – A WordPress website

  • Virtual Outreach & Communications. You’ll take the lead on our social media platform: developing, overseeing and engaging it.

  • Photography & Filming. You’ll be taking photos and filming SIFCo’s work in the field, with an eye on capturing the unique and comprehensive approach SIFCo takes to climate change adaptation, wildfire mitigation strategies, landscape-level management and integral forestry.

  • Documentary-style editing. You’ll edit film footage you have taken, upload to YouTube and/or create documentaries, in close communication with SIFCo’s business manager, with the aim of communicating SIFCo’s work and vision to the world at large.

  • Marketing Support. You should be comfortable working with:

                           > WordPress

                           > Microsoft Office

                           > Constant Contact (or comparable email marketing platform)

                           > Creative writing skills are an essential asset. You’ll draft press releases, copy, blog posts, documentary film scripts, and compose social media posts/blurbs.

Overall, you are resourceful and excited to learn new skills with online communication & marketing tools. Ideally you have a background/degree in forestry and/or environmental science.

Skills and Capacities

Communicate and collaborate with team members. 

You’ll report to and coordinate with our business manager. It’s important that you’re self-directed and self-motivated, but that you also love collaborating on a team.

Willing to learn the SIFCo culture.

SIFCo works within a unique ecosystem – both ecologically and culturally. You will learn the SIFCo culture and become familiar with an integral approach to forestry, mediation, community and climate change.

A resourceful approach.

You may not know all the answers, but you are motivated to find them quickly and search on your own as your first response. When you are stuck, you don’t hesitate to inquire and reach out to the team.

Self-motivated and coachable.

You manage your workload independently and respond to last-minute curve balls with humor, resilience and grace. You love learning new things and finding solutions. You enjoy thinking ‘outside the box’ and coming up with creative solutions. Simultaneously you are receptive to guidance, direction and feedback

Healthy communicator.

You are skillful, kind and clear in your in-person and online communications. You keep the necessary team members in the loop. Your response times are quick and you don’t drop the ball on important issues. When interacting with team and clients, you imagine yourself in their shoes, and communicate with those added perspectives in mind.

Integrity is important to you.

You complete tasks on time, and communicate well in advance if deadlines cannot be met. You organize and plan well, rather than last-minute. You are reliable, and your word is followed by effective and efficient action. You double- and triple-check for potential issues.

Fun to work with.

You are friendly, and bring humor, sincerity and creativity to your job.

Willing and eager to learn.

You are inquisitive and curious. You don’t hesitate to ask questions, and you want to grow in your job. You value your work and are willing to stretch your edges. You are committed to doing the best job you can, which involves continued learning.

 Compensation & Requirements

  • Open to applicants who live in the local area or are able to spend 50% of their time here (accommodation potential as part of hiring package). Need to work independently.

  • Must be fluent in both written and spoken English

This position is short term, for now (8 months) and part-time (minimum24 hours / week) with competitive pay for a Communications, Branding & Marketing Assistant. This position could turn into a long term position.

If you’ve read the Communications, Branding & Marketing Assistant description and are interested in joining our team, please submit your application today.



Applications will be accepted through Monday, November 6th, 4pm PT