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Join us June 26-28 2018 for 'The Kootenay Wildfire & Climate Change Conference'. This event will be hosted by SIFCo & The Ministry Of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. Wildfires and climate change are realities in British Columbia and they can have dramatic impacts on our lives. Addressing these issues requires a multi-layered approach. At the conference we will share the latest scientific research and initiatives from the Kootenays and the international arena in regard to climate change, wildfire behaviour, and why taking action at a landscape scale will result in a more resilient ecosystem. Given the scope of the challenges, other topics include community emergency preparedness and steps that residents can take to deal with wildfire risks. Speakers from around the world will be coming to join the discussion and we hope to see you there too! For more information about the conference and to register for the event please visit the event website .

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