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Erik Leslie is SIFCO's Registered Professional Forester.


He is a forestry consultant and the Forest Manager for the Harrop-Procter Community Co-operative.


Erik is also the President of the BC Community Forest Association, which represents over 50 community forest organizations across British Columbia.


Erik has over 20 years of experience working for the forest industry, First Nations, community organizations, and regional and provincial governments on projects from Haida Gwaii to Labrador. He has extensive experience in forestry planning and operations, community consultation, small business management, and forest certification.


In 2018 Erik was the first recipient of the Association of BC Forest Professionals’ Forest Innovation Award for his work developing and implementing collaborative ecosystem-based practices in the wildland-urban interface.


Erik has developed and is currently implementing an applied climate change adaptation pilot project in the Harrop-Procter community forest. The project is designed to demonstrate how managers can integrate climate science and risk assessment into practical forestry decision making in the Columbia Basin.

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