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The Slocan Valley is a long and narrow valley consisting of approximately 840,000 acres of land and water.


The Slocan Valley is situated in the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, Canada. The rugged Valhalla and Kokanee mountains provide spectacular backdrops for the Slocan Lake at the north end of the valley, while the Slocan River meanders peacefully south to empty into the Kootenay River at Shoreacres.


The high elevation terrain of the steep and broken valley walls is home to alpine lakes, ancient glaciers and cascading waterfalls. The vivid collage of mountain forests, jagged peaks, and alpine meadows that crown the crystal clear lake and river provide a natural vista of stunning beauty.

More and more, the compelling character of this vibrant valley attracts international and domestic travelers alike, who seek a wild and welcoming place to relax and explore. Bed & Breakfasts, campgrounds, boat and kayak rentals, bicycling trails, and historical sites are flourishing as we become better known as a destination playground.


Both families and eco-tourists are at home in the wealth of outdoor activities that our natural landscape and resourceful entrepreneurs have to offer.

Enjoyment of the many natural bounties offered by this generous landscape is not exclusive to visitors. Local residents take advantage of berry and mushroom picking, river tubing, hiking, and backcountry skiing, to name but a few of our customary outdoor pleasures.

The landscape is generous in other ways as well. The abundant rainfall of our regional micro-climate results in a diverse interior rainforest, a resource capable of sustaining communities. SIFCo is located at the heart of the Slocan Valley on the East slopes.

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