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Stephan is the Manager and a founding Director of SIFCo, and was President from 2006 to 2011. Stephan also works as an integral consultant and project manager for societies, coops, businesses, co-housing projects and communities, as they develop vision, inter- and intrapersonal discernment skills and practices, and seek to implement these in ways that are effective and resilient to change.

He has worked in community development and ecosystem-based planning since 1993.


Stephan's lifelong passion and pursuit is to move beyond ideas, 
discussions and theorizing to actually doing and being the changes we wish to see in the world.


For the past 20 years he has designed and led numerous transformative educational events internationally, specifically for ecologists, community builders, educators and parents.
He is also founder and director of an international organization that works in the field of human consciousness evolution, specifically applying an Integral framework to environmental work, education, parenting and mediation.


He is married and father to a wonderful daughter.

Stephan can be reached at stephan (at) sifco (dot) ca

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