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Bannock Recreation Site has a new look

Our crew have been working hard in order to thin the tremendous amount of young coniferous ingrowth that has developed in the last few decades within the Bannock Recreation Site, as well as removing the accumulation of fuel that has built up on the forest floor.

This clearing will not only help the larger more mature trees to develop but also greatly reduces the risk of a wildfire.

Since 2009 SIFCo has invested over $40,000 in improvements to the Bannock Point Recreation site. From building new outhouses to creating designated campsites, and developing safe and low impact parking areas.

This year FESBC granted SIFCo $100,000 to carry out this Type 1 treatment., which is part of our Slocan Valley Strategic Landscape Level Plan and we very much hope you enjoy the sites new look!

If you have any questions Regarding SIFCo's work at Bannock point please do not hesitate to contact us.

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