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SIFCo has been in the process of creating A Slocan Valley Wildfire Resiliency Program (SVWRP) and has recently hired Amanda Murphy who will be taking on the role of Program Manager. The SVWRP aims to provide our local residents with the information, resources and tools needed to create Wildfire Resilient communities within the Slocan Valley. We are aware that if we are To become resilient to wildfire as a community we need to act together from a government and landscape levels all the way to the individual home owners. It is our hope that through this program we can connect and share information as a collective and take the necessary steps needed to reduce the risk wildfire presents to our towns and villages. As we live within the Wildland Urban Interface, wildfires are part of our reality and can potentially have devastating effects on our lives if we are not prepared for them. It is becoming clearer that we are able to reduce the chances of such effects if we choose to act now and adapt our communities so that they become reslilient to fire. If you wish to learn more about our Wildfire Resiliency Program please join us for our Open house or visit

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