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In the fall of 2020 SIFCo decided to produce a documentary in order to showcase the amazing work being carried out by The Dance Umbrella Nelson and its students. The above documentary highlights the Dance Umbrella graduates of 2021. Dance Umbrella is a non-profit society specializing in dance classes for students of all ages in many genres. Since Dance Umbrella's inception in 1997 it has been at the forefront of promoting the art of dance in Nelson BC, as the largest and longest established dance school in the community instructing dance to thousands of students over the years. Today the Dance Umbrella Board of Directors strives to continue the legacy of promoting the art of dance. The Dance Umbrella Board of Directors work to create a community based dance studio making the art of dance in a variety of genres accessible to students of all ages, abilities, and genders through exceptional dance instruction. The instructors at Dance Umbrella work to promote classes that are diverse and unique and provide students with a sense of camaraderie, discipline, and enjoyment. The Dance Umbrella Board of Directors celebrates these achievements in culminating its season with the large scale and much anticipated annual production of the Dance Umbrella Spring Showcase.

We hope you enjoy the movie which can be found here


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