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SIFCo is currently working on Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP) for the North and South Valley.

The intent of the CWPP is to provide the community with a high-level overview of wildfire risk in the region and a set of recommendations that can guide future activities in the valley when it comes to wildfire protection.

The CWPPs will also become guiding documents for any proposed wildfire risk mitigation or prevention efforts in the future.

SIFCo released its Strategic Landscape-Level Wildfire Protection Plan in 2016, outlining a protection plan and future activities in the central Slocan Valley. CWPPs are a nice addition to that plan, and it made sense for us to do these to ensure that they build on the work that we have been doing in this area over the past decade.

The CWPPs will also include areas outside of SIFCo's 2016 Plan starting in Crescent Valley and going all the way to Summit Lake.

Three meetings are planned to receive input and comments from the community:

April 11th at the Silverton Memorial Hall for the North Valley

April 12th at the Winlaw Hall

and April 17th at the Slocan Park Hall for the South Valley

All meetings start at 7pm.

Nora Hannon, RDCK Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator, will also be in attendance to explain what our local government is doing with Community Wildfire Protection Plans and what private landowners can do to reduce the risk of wildfire around their homes.

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