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The Trozzo Creek (N51705) wildfire was detected July 9, 2021, originating 7.5 kilometres northeast of Winlaw.

BC wildfire Services were informed but unable to extinguish the fire within the first 48 hours.

The fire is 'Out of Control' as fire suppression crews battle to keep the fire from entering the Slocan Valley.

SIFCo has been working extensively with BCWS to aid their suppression efforts.

We are 11 days into the fire and below is the latest report from BC Wildfire services.

"TROZZO/Elliott/Winlaw/South-Lemon Creek Fire Update Situation Update (from Incident commander: Ryan Gow.):

N51705 - Trozzo Creek - 20:00 on July 20, 2021.

Reduced visibility has impacted the ability to get an accurate perimeter track. Hectares are expected to rise as accurate mapping is available.

Strong winds and steep terrain drove the fire up the Trozzo Creek drainage and north into the South Lemon Creek drainage.

July 19 was a challenging day, as increased winds drove aggressive fire behaviour and caused the fire spot in four areas on the east flank.

Significant helicopter bucketing action controlled three of the spots, however, one of the spots grew too quickly for crews or aviation resources to contain and it spread into the South Lemon Creek drainage, the excursion is now estimated at approximately 80 hectares. Existing containment lines to the west did hold, despite the very windy day.

Today, crews and equipment will start building containment lines on the north side of the Trozzo Creek drainage and open roads into South Lemon Creek to access the areas of new growth. Equipment will keep extending the control line toward the southwest perimeter and ground crews are supporting these control lines with hose lay."

Please everybody stay safe and ensure that you have an evacuation plan.


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